Civil Work

Our company started in 1979 as a sub contractor, our very first project was in Sentosa Island for a main contractor who is still our client today. Over 35 years and more than 300 projects, our project portfolio include public service buildings, educational institutions, army camps, private and public residential housing, industrial factories and commercial buildings with ZERO accident and deliver all projects within the contractual period.

During the past decade, as many old developments gave way for new ones we were also engaged to divert “Live” Sewer pipes and Manholes to cater for new development layout. It had since became one of our core business. Frequently after the sewer is diverted, we were also hired to construct complicated temporary sanitation facilities and temporary water supply complete with design, submissions and handles all relevant authorities.

We are currently a BCA registered contractor under

  • CW02 – Civil Engineering
  • ME06 – Fire Prevention & Protection System
  • ME011 – Mechanical Engineering
  • ME012 – Plumbing & Sanitary Works

With ISO 9001 , Bizsafe Star , &  OSHA 18001 certifications.

ISO 9001 Certification




Project Title: Awarded Temporary Carpark and Road Access to Existing Tanglin Trust School On Lot 05439C MK 03,Temporary Security Command Centre and Temporary Guard House On Lot 05252W MK 03 At 95 Portdown Road ( Queenstown Planning Area )
Date: MARCH 2019