Hydraulic Dredging

IMS Versi-Dredge 5012LP

This model is ideal for dredging in canals, lakes, and marinas where maneuverability is confined areas is an issue. Like all Versi-Dredge systems the Starwheel Drive system allows the dredge to be completely self-propelled. The 5012 LP can be converted into a weed harvesting machine by simply switching out the standard cutterhead with the Weedmaster Cutterhead. The LP (Low Pressure) pump on the 5012 LP is a fabricated steel pump with a rubber liner. It can be used in a variety of materials including abrasive sand. The unique LP pump design allows the 5012 LP to pass up to a 6” solid making it ideal for debris filled waterways. The LP pump is known around the globe for being extremely versatile, easy to maintain / rebuild in the field, and hard to break. The 5012 LP can be shipped on a 40’ flat rack making international freight very affordable.

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