Hydraulic Dredging

IMS Versi-Dredge 8012

The Model 8010 HP Swinging Ladder Dredge is ideal for channels, rivers, marinas, lakes, and canals where maneuverability and wider cuts make a difference. The 8010 HP utilizes an 8” x 8” hi-chrome, hull mounted dredge pump. The dredge can cut a maximum path of up to 22’ wide allowing the dredge to cut a wider path than most one truck transportable dredges. The 8010 HP’s propulsion system is a tri-spud configuration with the two front spuds acting as anchors and the rear spud acting as the propulsion spud or “kicker spud.” The wide body construction, heavy duty hull, and heavy duty tri-spud configuration allows the 8010 HP to operate in currents up to 5 knots making it ideal for cutting channels in rivers.

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