Hydraulic Dredging

IMS Weedmaster Cutterhead

The IMS Weedmaster Cutterhead bolts directly to the IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge in place of the standard cutterhead. This allows the customer to remove aquatic weeds without the purchase of expensive weed removal systems (which start around $200,000 USD) or the use of environmentally toxic chemicals. The Weedmaster has been designed to work in several types of aquatic plants including: floating vegetation such as hyacinths, submerged vegetation such as milfoil and hydrilla, and emergent vegetation such as cattails and reeds.

The Weedmaster unit mounts directly to the pump inlet door. It measures 9 feet wide and consists of a steel shroud and cutterbar with dual direct drive motors driving the cutter. The cutterbar is constructed of heavy wall tubing with hardened steel cutter teeth. The shroud contains two rows of static cutter blades that clean the main cutterbar as it rotates.

Most weed harvesters cut the weeds and store them in a hopper which must be periodically emptied on shore. The Weedmaster is much more efficient because it chops the weeds into 4-6 inch pieces and pumps them to the shore using the dredge pump.

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